Software Testing Services

bebo Technologies is an independent quality assurance and testing company. We provide comprehensive software testing services and solutions for any and all testing needs. Our goal is to optimize our client's quality assurance efforts while meeting their objectives and schedules.

bebo Technologies delivers effective, customized solutions for clients in a wide array of industries and technologies at significant cost savings. We have the expertise to perform functional testing of applications, performance, load and stress testing of web sites, and automation of regression tests. In addition, we will check sites for browser compatibility and accessibility compliance.

We can "turn the lights on" almost instantly and augment your existing QA department or become your QA department in less than 48 hours. We employ an expert QA staff and state of the art configuration labs (capable of supporting over 320 different hardware/browser/platform configurations), a performance testing lab, a bug base database, a test case management system, and a status reporting system.

bebo Technologies has expertise testing SAAS applications, client server applications, web applications (Internet/Intranet), shrink wrapped software applications and/or back office applications, and can provide:

  • Functional Testing, both manually and by utilizing QuickTest Pro, WinRunner, SilkTest, Emprix's eTester & Watchfires's Enterprise Solution and a variety of Open Source tools.
  • Performance Testing utilizing LoadRunner, Web Load, SilkPerformer & Empirix's e-Load and a variety of Open Source tools.
  • Test Automation utilizing WinRunner, QuickTest Pro, Silk, eTester as well as many other open source tools including NUnit, JUnit framework, OpenSTA, WebTest etc.
  • Defect Tracking utilizing TestTrack, Bugzilla, PVCS Tracker & custom-built integrated QA Management tools.
  • Configuration Management utilizing Perforce, CVS, Subversion, Visual Source Safe & Rational ClearCase.
  • Test Management utilizing proprietary test case management tools and a host of other's including Mercury's Test Director.

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  We are very fortunate to have an offshore team that is always willing to go the extra mile...They are an extension of our immediate QA team with strong understanding of our application...