Software Re-Engineering and Modernization

With fast changing industry and technologies, it becomes very important to keep your application up to date. We understand the value of your current investments in your applications as well as the associated pain and costs involved in rebuilding the applications. bebo Technologies focuses on ensuring the smoothest transition of legacy systems to modern applications. During modernization, we analyse, identify, and draft modification plan of the applications in incremental fashion to recreate the application with new design and technologies.

No matter what it includes, our skilled professionals are experienced in modifying legacy applications to include new features, changing the whole technology stack or maintaining the existing legacy features. Our Software Re-Engineering and Modernization services are tailor made for your business logic.


Updating legacy applications is tedious, especially when new or third party components have to be added to an existing application on legacy architecture.

bebo Technologies has expertise in updating legacy systems by adding interaction layer built on latest technology to seamlessly integrate new features with legacy systems for domains like Legal, Healthcare, Surveys, Recruitment, Financial Services, and many more.


We have modernized a lot of our customer applications by migrating them to cloud solutions. This gives easy and on-demand access to hardware and software applications without needing them in physical, thus saving a lot of money which otherwise could have been spent in purchasing, installation, and maintenance.

Application Maintenance

As applications grow, so does the maintenance costs and efforts required to keep all the application pieces together. Our dedicated teams and hybrid onsite/offshore approach maintains strong communication and knowledge transfer throughout, which leads to an effective:

  • Fault analysis
  • Delivering Upgrades and Patches
  • Code review and optimizations
  • 24/7 support and maintenance

For more information about our Software Re-Engineering and Modernization Services, please Contact Us.

  No matter what challenge we throw at them, they will take it head on and thrive to exceed our expectations...


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