Custom Data Migration Services

We at bebo Technologies provide high quality custom data migration services from any source to any target for any RDBMS/NOSQL database. After analysis of migration requirement, we recommend the following migration solutions:

  • External tables & heterogeneous services
  • Spreadsheets & SQL scripts
  • Custom ETL jobs
  • Generic Data Migration Tool

In a traditional data migration process, it is difficult to maintain source and target field mapping, since there can be hundreds of mappings which change overtime. It would be very difficult to load only the changed mappings with tracking of progress & changes.

“Generic Data Migration Tool” is capable of migrating data from any source to any target. It just needs feed for source and target field mapping in pre-defined spreadsheet template. Based on spreadsheet feed, the tool builds the migration model and with one click, data migration can be initiated.

Data Migration Tool is capable to extract any kind of word or excel or pdf documents, images, videos, emails, or any kind of blob data to physical directory of machine. This extraction is tested and it is found that the extraction process using this tool is 80% faster than any kind of traditional code based document extraction.

In addition to this our Data Migration Tool is capable of implementing all EDW concepts like:

  • Support Multiple Connections
  • Smart to sense only changed objects
  • Single Source of Mapping
  • Migration Tool Metadata
  • Incremental Load
  • Batch Insert/Update
  • Documents Migration
  • Data Validation (Row Count / Data Verification)
  • Parallel/Series Load
  • Types of Dimension

For more information about our Custom Data Migration Services, please Contact Us.

  The team members assigned to our project learned the application quickly and are largely responsible for the stability of the product today...


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