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IT Support Jobs at bebo Technologies

With more than a decade of experience, bebo Technologies is leading the IT Industry with support staff, tools and processes to effectively manage our customers’ network infrastructure, support key applications and champion the end-user support experience.

Our support service monitors a wide range of technology at different service levels that can be tailored to suit our clients’ business needs. The result is improved and more consistent service quality, stability, reduced cost, and the ability to respond quickly to changes.

bebo Engineers Execute the Following Services

  • Monitoring and Event Management (ITIL)
  • Incident Management
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Configuration Management
  • Change and Release Management
  • Technical/Information Reporting
  • Service Level Management
bebo Engineers Execute Services

System Support


bebo Technologies virtualization services are aimed at helping businesses create service-oriented infrastructures by decoupling their application from their infrastructure. System support Engineer at bebo Technologies provides an integrated and automated fashion of virtualization for computing, networking and storage environments. Our virtualization implementation services are focused on lowering the capital costs of businesses by improving utilization and reducing the number of managed objects through resource sharing.

Virtualization Services

Network Support

We support an organization’s business needs by building a robust network infrastructure, which supports a variety of client applications in a mission-critical environment across verticals.

Network engineer jobs at bebo Technologies span the entire end-to-end lifecycle include consulting, planning, designing, deployment, sustaining, management and assessment.

  • Routing and Switching: Switching facilitates the data packets transfer between devices on the same network (or the same local area network). Routing functionality is to route packets between different networks (between different local area networks).
  • Wireless and Mobility: Wireless networks provide dynamic network connectivity for users, devices, and applications without being tethered to wired hardware. Increased mobility in wireless networks allows mobile users to have real-time access to information.
  • Data Centre Networking: Connecting servers to other servers as well as users. There can be various users such as customers or employees, depending on the type of access. Connections are made via switches, routers, and different cable types.
  • Performance Optimization: Also known as “performance tuning”, performance optimization is about making and monitoring modifications done to an application and its database. It involves adjusting the database or server configuration or making changes to the applications and the SQL.
  • Support and Maintenance: To keep a network up and running and troubleshoot network problems. Providing support and maintenance services for monitoring and improving network performance.

bebo Technologies specializes in all three areas:

  • Local Area Network
  • Wide Area Network
  • Network Integration
Network Solutions

Network Integration Solutions

bebo Technologies’ network integration services ensure that our client’s network can provide the desired level of availability and performance. Our engineers focus primarily on the following aspects:

  • Tailoring a network design to respond to changing business requirements
  • Implementing complex network upgrades, refreshes, expansions and consolidations
  • Improving network availability and performance
  • Managing costs
  • Simplifying project coordination and accelerate implementation schedules
  • Reducing the risks associated with making changes to the network
  • Improving service delivery and control the cost of network monitoring and management
Network Integration Solutions

Security Solutions

With new technology comes new IT security concerns. The rise in sophisticated attacks, combined with a worldwide shortage of IT security professionals, makes partnering with a trusted IT security services provider more critical than ever before.

When you apply for security engineer jobs at bebo Technologies, you get a chance to protect some of the most sophisticated networks in the world, while reducing the cost and complexity of IT security needs. bebo Technologies’ security solutions provide a comprehensive information asset evaluation, consulting and secure IT infrastructure solution.

While working as a security specialist with bebo, you can see yourself delivering the visibility, awareness and protection your clients need to hit all their IT security targets.

Security Solutions Services

Configuration Management Support

The digitalization of business operations demands automation-friendly infrastructure, secure networking systems, and reliable storage management. Naturally, the digital tools and services have grown to plan, validate, prioritize and implement continuous delivery operations. Therefore, business excellence in the digital age is highly subjected to the consistent configuration of those resources.

Our configuration management services include:

  • Infrastructure Configuration Automation
  • Application Configuration Automation
Configuration Management Services
  • Infrastructure Configuration Automation

    Configuration of the provisioning and tracking of the infrastructure resources automatically and consistently. Automate the infrastructure configurations to ensure a secure and reliable environment for the product to perform and scale in.

  • Application Configuration Automation

    Proficiency in continuous delivery allows configuration management service experts to simulate our legacy applications for cloud-native infrastructure. The automated transformation is secure, swift and systematic.

DevOps Infrastructure Solutions

Our responsibilities for DevOps engineer jobs include collaboration, monitoring, tool-chain pipelines, automation, and cloud adoption, all of which help our clients achieve higher efficiency, faster time to market, and better quality of software builds.

bebo Technologies’ employees have the opportunity to work with a team with 21+ years of experience. We have hands-on expertise in rapid onboarding of applications and providing a full-cycle automation delivery pipeline to our clients.

DevOps Infrastructure Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Reducing cost and minimizing service outages are fundamental to an organization's competitiveness. High availability solutions and server consolidation in a heterogeneous IT environment help organizations meet these challenges by achieving committed service levels and the desired quality of service. Engineers at bebo Technologies offer the following solutions in this category:

Backend - Front End Development Opportunities

Storage Solutions

As technology continues to evolve, so does the volume of information available to businesses. bebo Technologies offers storage solution services that help our clients address storage and data needs from end-to-end. This includes the assessment, planning, design, implementation and management of data storage.

Storage Solutions Services

Regular Health Checks

Regularly investigate the computation, storage, and networking resources for inconsistencies in terms of performance, security, compliance, and data integrity. Document and analyze the investigation results in case of any deviation.

Regular Health Checks


We understand IT compliance as it is necessary to maintain. Modern technology shifts have increased the need for stricter IT compliance. We strictly follow ITIL, SOC 2, and ISO 27001:2013 standards to maintain and protect sensitive information.

IT Compliance

IT Remote and 24/7 Support

We, at bebo technologies, have proven experience in delivering 365x24x7 SLA-driven services like IT maintenance and support, which are quality and commitment focused, to a wide range of clients' diverse range of IT support/services business solutions. Our process-driven and SLA-driven IT support and maintenance services approach has helped us maintain a preferred vendor status with top clients around the globe.

We follow a three-tier service approach – corrective, adaptive, and preventive maintenance focusing on overall cost reduction with SLA compliance. We have proven experience of taking up enterprise systems, by understanding the prevailing functionalities and challenges met by the client and setting up consistent support methods along with communication protocols to be followed.

Our key highlights are performance, service delivery, maximum uptime, and resource optimization.

IT Remote and 24/7 Support


When we say we’re all about our people, we really mean it. The idea of “taking care of people” both our employees and our clients has been built into the way we do business.

Rahat Bhandari

I think that joining bebo Technologies as a fresher has been one of the best decisions for me. Working at bebo Technologies is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing flexible hours working. bebo Technologies also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with supportive colleagues. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process. I am proud to be part of bebo Technologies.

Rahat Bhandari

Deepika Shahi

After more than 4 years in the bebo Technologies, I can categorically say that it’s been full of learning experiences. I have enjoyed working with bebo Technologies. I can proudly say this is my first and best move. Work environment is good. bebo Technologies is fundamentally a strong company with lot of opportunities to learn.

Deepika Shahi

Shiva Gupta

bebo Technologies is an organization that maintains a friendly environment among all its employees and enforces to maintain a work life balanced environment while working. It not only cares for its employees but also for their families.

Shiva Gupta

Ayush Jaret

I am associated with bebo Technologies for over the years and have enjoyed and appreciated the company's priorities, insight and culture. They care about their customers, employees and work considerably and competently to succeed. I believe every team, every customer and every employee will affirm this. bebo Technologies is an exceptional company.

Ayush Jaret

Mohd. Shehzad Zaidi

bebo Technologies is a great place to work. The work environment is enriching, team members are great, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here.

Mohd. Shehzad Zaidi

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