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Why Do Product Development Companies Require Professional Services?

The market for web, mobile, and desktop software development is extensive. It involves a complex integration of software functionality with user experience and security paradigms. Professional services companies offer customized, knowledge-based services to clients. A dedicated professional services team is key to strengthening a company’s platform and provides implementation services directly to customers or in collaboration with partners.

Professional Services Company

The expert services of a professional services company play a key role in getting solutions up and running quickly and correctly, allowing customers to derive value from their purchase as soon as possible. bebo Technologies is a professional services company offering a wide range of customized knowledge-based services to clients worldwide.

The services we provide include :

  • Product Customization
  • Product Integration
  • Product Upgrade
  • Data Migration

To enable our clients to release bug-free products with high functionality, fast performance, better user experience, our team of professional services engineers collaborate on their software projects. Quality assurance engineers along with the professional services team at bebo Technologies play a key role in getting the solution up and running quickly and correctly, facilitating a fast release cycle so that our clients stay ahead of their competitors in their domain.

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Your Role as a Professional Services Engineer

bebo Technologies offers customizable professional services to cater to a client’s particular needs. Growing businesses, for example, need software that helps measure business growth, performance, and productivity. The role of the professional services engineer is to analyze the software on every parameter so that the issues can be fixed before the product gets launched.

After onboarding at bebo Technologies, you will work with a team of highly experienced and professional services experts to provide seamless knowledge-based and customized services to clients. We deploy cutting-edge technologies to make professional services feasible and reliable, and you will be utilizing those tools.

Our talent pool of professional services engineers has expertise in domains like:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Webcasting
  • Legal
  • Content Management
  • Endpoint Security
  • Secure Portable Devices
  • Cloud-based Marketplace
  • Email Security
  • Education, and many more
Customizable Software QA Testing Services
  • Whether you are a fresher or an experienced professional services engineer, if you are passionate about cutting-edge technologies and desire to grow your skills and career, then bebo Technologies is the right place for you. But before that, there are certain skills that every employee of ours should have:

  • Clear Understanding of Business Requirements

    The most common mistake that professional services engineers make is not understanding the business requirements of the clients. It will be your responsibility to work with other team members and understand what type of professional services the client requires.

  • Make Proper Documentation

    Not having proper documentation of the tasks performed is another mistake made by teams. Lack of documentation can cause misunderstandings among peers as there is no clear tracker for the progress of projects. It’s the responsibility of every team member to have proper documentation of the project and their tasks so that their work does not overlap with others.

Understanding Business Requirements
  • Execute Short Development Cycles

    Instead of creating a long project plan, you should be focusing on an agile development approach. It will allow the testing team to frequently go through user feedback, and make detailed presentations of necessary project updates.

  • Careful and Thorough Testing

    The lack of QA testing can result in issues and bugs in the later stages of the customization process. You will be working with a dedicated team of testers, and your responsibility is to thoroughly test the developed custom feature, and testing should be completed at every deployment in different environments.

  • Avoid Using Pirated Software

    When working with bebo Technologies, you are not allowed to install third-party pirated software in the company's computer system. It is a violation of the company’s policy and can potentially harm your profession and company’s privacy.

Short Development Cycles

Your Role in Product Integration

Software integration involves multiple sub-systems combined to build one coherent multi-functional system. bebo Technologies provides professional services for companies that deal with software product development. The integration approach a company will follow is determined by the integration method available in the system that is being integrated.

You, as a software professional engineer, will work to make the client’s business more competitive. You must be willing to work with your in-house and client’s team so that the customer’s requirements may get addressed adequately. It will help you gain team-building skills, which would be beneficial for you when working on big projects.

Benefits of Working With Peers:

  • Better integration of testing services with software development
  • Improved work efficiency
  • Team-building skill growth
  • Easy to process new ideas during discussions
Role in Product Integration

Staying Up-to-Date With Services Upgrade

Professional service is a dynamic ecosystem that changes all the time. New technologies and tools come into the market and it’s important for software quality assurance engineers and professional services engineer is to stay up-to-date. It’s your responsibility to analyze and adapt to these changes and provide better services to the clients. You will need to consider the authority of the new tools, determine how compatible they are with our services, and utilize them to improve the overall service experience for clients.

It Will Also Benefit in the Following Ways:

  • Help with upskilling yourself
  • Learn new technologies while you earn
  • Better career growth opportunities
  • Recognition among peers
  • Staying updated with the latest technology trends
  • Positive performance rating
Up-to-Date With Services Upgrade

Using Updated Tools and Technologies

When learning about new testing tools, technologies, and trends, it’s important to analyze how compatible they are with our client’s projects. Remember, every client has their own set of requirements and suddenly upgrading services might affect their project.

Following are some key points you have to keep in mind when working with new tools in bebo Technologies:

  • Identify and Engage Stakeholders
  • Consult With IT Team
  • Make an Updated Plan
  • Create a Backup
  • Perform a Trial Run
  • Perform Testing
  • Provide Training
Updated Tools and Technologies
  • Identify and Engage Stakeholders

    It’s always important to engage internal and external stakeholders. The list is long and includes trainers, content developers, end-users, support teams and hosting teams, testing teams, external suppliers, and service partners are all stakeholders.

  • Consult With IT Team

    While working at bebo Technologies, you are not allowed to use or install third-party pirated software. The company is very strict about its privacy policies. If you need any new tool or software, you have to consult with the IT department and they will ensure if it qualifies with the company's policies.

  • Make an Updated Plan

    As a professional services expert, your plan should answer the following questions: Why do you need the new tool? What part will it play in the professional services process? Have you discussed it with your team members? Do you have approval from your team manager/leader?

  • Create a Backup

    It is the utmost priority to create a backup of your project work, emails, and other necessary files. No matter what task you perform, always create a backup after a certain period. Store everything in a safe and secure location so you can use it afterward in case the main files get deleted.

  • Perform a Trial Run

    After installing the new software, perform a test run of the tool. It will give you a better picture if it’s working properly or not.

  • Perform Testing

    Utilize the tool for the purpose it is meant for, which includes running it on a professional services project to see its compatibility. Your team will also need to test data integrity, security, and the performance of the system.

  • Provide Training

    You have to train your team members about how to use new tools. The amount of training, type of training, and length of the training will depend on the functionality and new features added in the new testing tools.

Things To Consider When Moving Data

Data migration is the process that every employee has to perform occasionally. It is primarily performed when you are working from home, or when new or upgraded systems are introduced on the premises. Data migration may also involve data transformations to fit your data to the new or upgraded system.

  • Export and Import: This is the technique where tools support exporting the data to a common format and importing from this format to the new system. Sometimes data is exported into delimited text files, and these text files are directly supported by target systems to import the data.
  • Server Transfer: In this type of migration, you shift your data back and forth on a particular server made by the company's IT department. You can update or download the files from that server to your local system. It also serves as a data backup in case you delete or lose the file from your local machine.
  • Extract, Transform and Load: The extract, transformation, and load (ETL) approach is a type of tool that provides support for data migration from one system to another. ETL tools can also handle large data sets. You will be given proper training regarding how to utilize the ETL approach when working with bebo Technologies.
  • Data Integration: Data integration is also sometimes used for initial data migration. Integrations are mostly used to integrate two systems for better flow and security of the data. However, they can also be used to import data from the other systems, which results in using integration to migrate data.
Things to Consider

bebo Technologies:

A Professional Services Expert Hiring Company

Professional services play a crucial role in the success of a product and platform. So, it’s our responsibility to hire the best candidates who are willing to pave their way in the quality assurance and professional services domain. Our teams collaboratively work directly with clients and business analysts to provide high-quality services. You can also apply for QA analyst jobs and become part of such a team. At bebo Technologies, you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and grow professionally. If you are enthusiastic about new technologies and tools that define the quality of software, then we are here for you.

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Tools & Technologies

  • Eclipse
  • Postman
  • SQL Developer
  • SFTP
  • SoapUI
  • Salesforce
  • SVN
  • GIT
  • Pentaho
  • Sisense
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • XML
  • Rest APIs
  • Elasticsearch
  • Oracle
  • SQL Server
  • Tomcat, WebSphere
  • SonarQube
Technologies & Tools


When we say we’re all about our people, we really mean it. The idea of “taking care of people” both our employees and our clients has been built into the way we do business.

Rahat Bhandari

I think that joining bebo Technologies as a fresher has been one of the best decisions for me. Working at bebo Technologies is a great pleasure for me. The thing I appreciate most about the company is that it has given me the opportunity to balance work and life by allowing flexible hours working. bebo Technologies also gives me the opportunity to work in a pleasant multicultural environment with supportive colleagues. The management team is very good in making sure that the suggestions and opinions of employees are included in the company planning process. I am proud to be part of bebo Technologies.

Rahat Bhandari

Deepika Shahi

After more than 4 years in the bebo Technologies, I can categorically say that it’s been full of learning experiences. I have enjoyed working with bebo Technologies. I can proudly say this is my first and best move. Work environment is good. bebo Technologies is fundamentally a strong company with lot of opportunities to learn.

Deepika Shahi

Shiva Gupta

bebo Technologies is an organization that maintains a friendly environment among all its employees and enforces to maintain a work life balanced environment while working. It not only cares for its employees but also for their families.

Shiva Gupta

Ayush Jaret

I am associated with bebo Technologies for over the years and have enjoyed and appreciated the company's priorities, insight and culture. They care about their customers, employees and work considerably and competently to succeed. I believe every team, every customer and every employee will affirm this. bebo Technologies is an exceptional company.

Ayush Jaret

Mohd. Shehzad Zaidi

bebo Technologies is a great place to work. The work environment is enriching, team members are great, and there are ample opportunities available to those who want to build a career here.

Mohd. Shehzad Zaidi

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