Mobile Application Development Services

With the increasing number of smartphones and platforms hitting the markets, it is a challenge to stay up-to-date with mobile platform knowledge and programming expertise. bebo Technologies leverages in-house Advanced Technologies Research Group to keep up with the emerging trends of mobile platforms, SDKs, new app designs, upcoming mobility features, functionality, and trending applications. We do not just build highly optimized and scalable mobile applications, but our focus is also to craft TOP-NOTCH user-friendly experience for end customers. Our dedicated engineers are trained to be your "thinking partners" to help you come up with user-friendly ideas and converting these ideas to reality. We have highly skilled developers in iOS, Android and Windows platforms who can provide solution and architectural design, offer usability recommendations that help you exploit the many capabilities of mobile devices, and build robust solutions that are fully compatible with existing as well as future platforms.

Android App Development

Android application development in bebo Technologies sticks to the best in class Android engineering measures and finish comprehension of thorough Android ecosystem helping us building versatile and practical android applications crosswise over android platform like Android mobiles, tablets, android wear, and android television.

Our team of experts is well efficient in both Java and Kotlin language to build highly scalable apps. We use latest code design patterns in our app like MVC, MVP, and MVVM and top most libraries like Retrofit, Dagger, and RxJava to make an app that performs. Automated unit testing is performed to ensure quality delivery before your app goes live on Google Play Store.

iOS App Development

In bebo technologies, we develop highly optimized applications for all iOS platforms like phones, tablets, wears, televisions, and mac. In parallel, we focus on simple, clean, and intuitive interface so that user is at ease while using application.

For iOS application development, we use the latest market trends to make sure that apps are compatible with latest standards. We take care of complete iOS application development process till the publishing application on Apple Store by strictly following Apple guidelines.

Our team of engineers have great knowledge of Objective-C, Swift, Alamofire, SwiftyJSON, AFNetworking, SDWebImage, and SnapKit which will help you build and optimise iOS apps.

Cross Platform App Development

bebo Technologies’ mobile app development team is instrumental in developing mobile applications that are immediately available on all major platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Before synthesizing the idea of cross platform solution, our experts scrutinize your application needs and decide if cross platform application can be a solution. We use latest market trends like Ionic framework and React Native framework to achieve cross platform usability. We use AngularJS provided as part of Ionic framework to write interactive and consistent UI that run on all platforms.

If done right, cross platform applications can prove to be a highly cost effective investment for your business.

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