Product Support Services

bebo Technologies understands that your customer experience must be positive, ticket after ticket. bebo's Product Support Services takes the proactive approach to support outsourcing. Our engineers become an extension of your team and take it upon themselves to learn your product inside and out, to be effective when resolving issues. Our experienced engineers are measured by their ability to think outside the box, solve problem and ask questions, thus being your thinking partners in addition to your support technicians.

Your customer's support experience is important to us and we want to make certain your customer issues are responded to and resolved in a timely manner no matter where the inquiry is sent or what time the inquiry is made. To that end, bebo Technologies pioneers best practices that ensure quality and consistent customer support. We train our engineers in customer interaction and communication skills, integrate with our clients' current tools, and offer feedback and trends. Since bebo Technologies only works with U.S. companies, our engineers understand U.S. culture, U.S. time zones and U.S. business practices.

Our engineers combine their technical expertise, effective communication and troubleshooting skills to offer Product Support Services via:

  • Telephone support
  • Email & Fax support
  • Web support
For more information about our Product Support Services, please Contact Us.

Support Services

  The team members assigned to our project learned the application quickly and are largely responsible for the stability of the product today...


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