Software Product Development Services

Our high velocity software product development teams understand product development to its core. We are experienced in mitigating the risks/challenges by following balanced approach which includes technical expertise, planning, risk management, communication practices, and development methodologies. We at bebo Technologies serve to reinforce your existing software product development capabilities by embracing the product expectations of your customers, and your business. We provide end-to-end product development services from solution designing to delivery. Our dedicated team is efficient in:

  • Defining business requirements and product documentation
  • Selecting optimal set of technology stack suitable to product requirements
  • Choosing and Designing efficient data store
  • Designing robust product architecture on the principals of configurability, modularity, security and scalability with a focus on reducing the product development efforts and so time to market
  • To produce best products, follow the factory approach with Simplified Product architecture components that reduce development efforts and enhance quality
  • Automation unit test tools to gear up validation time of product and reduce manual efforts
  • Balanced cross functional team to cover required skill set
  • Follow Develop Best Practices to ensure quick and quality delivery like peer reviews, code coverage, static analysers, TDD and CICD

We analyse your business needs and process it into best possible solutions. Following are some of the key concepts that we practice while designing a software and that are necessary for Presentation, Services, and Business and Data layers:

  • Dividing application into distinct features to achieve high cohesion and low coupling
  • Design Components/Modules that are responsible only for a specific functionality or feature
  • Having Abstraction layer such that Component or object never know about internal details of other components
  • Reusable and independent components on do not repeat yourself (DRY) principle such the functionalities not be duplicated in any other component
  • Optimized and quick content delivery mechanisms with focus on performance to have highly responsive products

This methodology helps us in understanding the business needs and efficiently plan for delivery timelines. Our innovative teams follow streamlined processes which ensure that there are no complexities and vulnerabilities while developing your product.

Web Application Development Services

We at bebo technologies have been building Next generation Web Applications for our customer. Our web application development services include developing:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Cloud based applications
  • Distributed Applications
  • Multi-Tenant SAAS Applications

bebo Technologies uses structured framework for development with programing best practices, coding guidelines and standards. With SOA architecture at core, our highly professional development team develops frontend neutral web applications with plug and play features.

Front-End Development

Our team of expert front-end developers work on application with focus on highly functional and interactive websites with user-friendly interface & smooth navigation. Our front-end development team practices mobile optimized and responsive behaviour. Moreover, we develop Feature-rich client applications with cross-browser, cross-platform and cross-device functionality by making use of cutting-edge technologies like Angular, TypeScript, Backbone, ReactJS, ExpressJS, Meanstack, Dojo, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS and many more. Taking user experience to next level, we denvelop real time applications using HTML5 sockets so that user always see real time data in multi user environment.

Backend Development

bebo Technologies, with professional backend developers, secure and portable application backend development as services. Our experts are adept in the latest technologies and architectural trends to develop robust and reusable components. Our backend applications are highly optimized to handle bulk data processing with the help of multithreaded application which uses indexing tools to facilitate searching across bulk data. On top of this, we use highly optimized algorithms for caching the common calls. We have expertise on different languages like Java/J2EE, PHP, Python, .NET, C/C++/C#, Perl, and Ruby.

For more information about our Software Product Development Services, please Contact Us.

Their hard work and dedication has helped us deliver on new functionality that will enable us to make our customers happy and our business to grow...


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